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Wanted- Dassault Falcon 2000 LX
Wanted - Challenger 605

Know someone who has a Falcon 2000 LX or a 2008 or 2009 Challenger 605?   Call Gene at  (425) 882-7876

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December 2020 Market Results

December 2020  Aircraft Sales Spectacular Long Range Corporate Jets  - took off - in DECEMBER Aircraft Market Events December 2020 = 90* Aircraft Sold Aircraft For Sale. DOWN 82 units. check out the trend line. Lear 60 through BBJ See Definition Below Also known as "the [...]

July 2020  Aircraft Market Data

More Airplanes Sold July Versus any Month during the first half of this year. Mid Size Jets and Smaller retaining value Super Mid Size and larger are stabilizing.    Aircraft Market Events JULY 2020 = 52 Aircraft Sold 20 More than sold in June 3 [...]

April 2020 Aircraft Market Data

 Aircraft Market Events The prior 6 month analysis trend: average number of sales per month!  About 47 Aircraft per month! APRIL 2020 = 23 Aircraft Sold 51% below the AVERAGE But Wait.   Industry shutdown as a result of COVID 19  The results for April,  [...]

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