Prior to founding Great Circle Aircraft in 2009, Gene Clow was Regional Vice President, Aircraft Sales, with TAG Aviation for 9 years. Throughout his career of more than 35 years; he was employed by Hawker/Beechcraft as Regional Sales Manager, FlightSafety International as Regional Sales Manager – promoted to Assistant Sales Director and finally Learning Center Manager – Seattle, Renton Aviation and Willard Flying Service as Aircraft Sales Manager, Cessna Aircraft Distributor as District Sales Manager.

While in the office on May 25, 2004 he realized that he had been a part of General/Corporate Aviation for 30 years. With a desire to “give back” something to the industry he began investigating which organization he would volunteer with that would encourage young people to become aircraft mechanics. Realizing that a shortage of mechanics will occur before the often talked of looming pilot shortage.   After several hours of exploration he learned that of the alphabet organizations (such as: NATA, PAMA, NBAA etc) not a single one had nor were interested in promoting a future of becoming an aircraft mechanic.

The reality is – the most expensive aircraft that you will ever own is the one you can’t fly.

In late 2004, the NBAA asked if he would be interested in refounding the defunct Pacific Northwest Business Aircraft Association (PNBAA).   He is the Co-Founder of the current PNBAA which has become a very successful organization for the local business aviation community. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) recognized his dedication to starting the PNBAA with the Silk Scarf Award presented September 2008.

Prior to these activities he flew Chinook Helicopters for the US Army, then worked Line Service at Western Skyways – Troutdale, OR while finishing his degree in Business Administration/Accounting at Portland State University.

Today, for leisure time activities he enjoys; motorcycle trips (Harley Davidson Ultra Limited), scuba diving (warm water only – that eliminates Seattle area diving, you can trust me on this one), fly fishing (Madison River in MT, Lochsa / Clearwater Rivers in ID, Yakima River in WA – and for quick adventures near home the Snoqualmie River), travel and flying.