Hello. I am Gene Clow with Great Circle Aircraft. Today there is more information available that encourages buyers to select and buy their aircraft in a sellers market and sell their aircraft without the subject matter expert and experienced aircraft broker. Some aircraft brokers and specifically broker associations attempt to control the process via off market.

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Do you really need an aircraft broker?

This is part one of this five part series. The answer to the question is: maybe. First, what’s your aircraft really worth in today’s market? The idea that time is money applies in the aircraft market every day. Do they appreciate in value? Only in the rarest market scenarios. The vast majority of aircraft depreciate over time.

What is the value of your aircraft?

Selling or buying, you need to know the asking price, anticipated sold value; everyone wants a bargain. What is the range for the right price of the aircraft you are selling or buying? We use multiple sources: aircraft pricing guides. The granddaddy publication and the new guys on the block. They’ve been around for many years but they’re still the new guys on the block. Their data is historical, meaning that the values are easily up to 90 days or more days into the past. They do provide important metrics regarding aircraft. The value today has to be verified by multiple sources.

Aircraft values - Information Sources

Every day we track one third of the aircraft for sale in the world. We are up to date on values for asking prices and sold values. This information presented is a broad overview. We have extensive data for all 63 aircraft models that we track. We can easily duplicate this data for every model of private jet or turboprop, selling or buying. This is about you, and the value of the aircraft you would like to transact.

Business jet market status

The next stop for determining value. What information do you need from the aircraft data? The log books, computerized maintenance and inspection data. If the aircraft does not have computerized maintenance data, then what? Do you know what to look for in the data? Do you know what impact this information has on the value of the aircraft today and into the future? Selling or buying, this is information you must understand to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

Three items to consider - aircraft data, logbooks, computerized data

This is a thinly traded, highly volatile marketplace. Where does your aircraft fit in the market? How do you ensure you get it right the first time?

market review, market placement

Can you buy or sell that aircraft without a professional aircraft broker? Maybe. Contact us. If your preference is to proceed without an aircraft broker, contact us. We can provide the level of services required to ensure you have an industry, ordinary and customary transaction. At Great Circle Aircraft we provide guidance for successful individuals and companies to purchase and sell their aircraft in this thinly traded, highly volatile marketplace.