July through December 2018 – Aircraft Market Events

(the second half of 2018)

A few Surprises


The second half of 2018 in pictures.

The market trend was mixed (as indicated by the trend lines) along the major metrics.

Aircraft For Sale is increasing at a pace faster than aircraft are selling.


Aircraft Sold – Last 6 months of 2018

aircraft sold last half 2018

Average = 50 per month.   July through December 2018

Average = 50 per month for all of 2018.

Average = 47 per month for all of 2017.


Aircraft For Sale – Last 6 months of 2018


Aircraft for sale last half of 2018


Average = 642 per month.

November and December were a surprise.

Inventory has been decreasing quarterly the past 10 quarters – this is the first uptick.

Will watch this trend closely.


Number of Months Supply:

number of months supply last half 2018

Average = 13 months.

We will watch this trend closely with the increase in the number of aircraft added to the market not being matched by increased sales activities.

Data without insight, often is useless.

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Proven Performance

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*For aircraft that have been in production sometime during the past 20 years.