May 2020 Aircraft Market Data


Flight Activity

  • See Article Below from ARGUS.
  • Low Spot in aircraft movements April 14.
  • Increasing steadily 
  • ARGUS has presented 2 Excellent Webinars during the past 60 days 
  • Turboprop through Mid-Size Jets are increasing flights.
  • Super-Mid through Large Cabin – stagnant (with International borders closed…….)
  • Aircraft Values will most likely follow Aircraft utilization
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 Aircraft Market Events

The prior 6 month analysis trend: average number of sales per month!  About 47  44 Aircraft per month!  (Yes, this is trending down)


MAY 2020 = 30 Aircraft Sold

More than 30% increase from April


Lear 60 through BBJ See Definition Below

Aircraft sold may 2020

Aircraft For Sale.


UP JUST 4 Aircraft from April

EXCEPT = 63 Aircraft were removed from the Market

Historically, 54 will return to the mkt within 90 days

Trouble Brewing in Citation X market – Read Below

Inventory continues to grow.  

Lear 60 through BBJ See Definition Below

Aircraft market may 2020

Is the market in Free Fall?  

Will MAY be the turnaround month?

This information is available.

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Aircraft market May 2020

The Analysis

Aircraft Manufactures = 8

Aircraft Models = 63


                                    Lear 60 through Boeing BBJ

(Gross Takeoff Weight of 23,000 Pounds and up.   Models that have been in production within the past 20 years)

Approximately 1/3  of the private jet market.

Abbreviated sample of Aircraft Market Data Attached for your review.

Applicable Market Performance Charts will be posted no later than June 15, 2020 at: 

Data without insight is often useless.


For additional insight regarding the aircraft market or if you are interested in receiving specific aircraft data, contact me.

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Aircraft Available:

Hawker 900XP N901MJ

Citation CJ2+ N711RC

Pilatus PC12NG N934NG

Commander 840 N74EF

Acquistion Clients:

Citation X

Challenger 604

Challenger 300 – Selected

Gulfstream G150

Argus: Covid-19 ‘Crushes’ N. American Bizav Traffic

As expected, Covid-19 “crushed” business aviation traffic in the U.S., Caribbean, and Canada last month, with the average daily activity for the entire month falling short of the single worst day for all of 2019, according to Argus International. Traqpak data released yesterday by the business aviation information firm showed that April flying plummeted 71.5 percent from a year ago. However, its forecast shows signs of optimism for May, which calls for a 43.9 percent year-over-year reduction.

Activity by aircraft category was consistent with previous trends showing heavier losses in larger-cabin jets and softer blows for the turboprop and light jet segments. On a year-over-year basis, turboprop flying dropped 62.1 percent last month, while light jets suffered a 70.1 percent loss. Midsize jet flying contracted 77.8 percent and large-cabin fell the hardest, sliding 80.3 percent.

Operator activity also followed recent trends showing charter faring the best and fractionals the worst. Charter flying skidded 66.9 percent, while Part 91 and fractional activity plunged 72.3 percent and 80.3 percent, respectively.

Every individual category experienced losses in the mid to upper double digits. The worst recorded decrease in individual categories—80.9 percent—was in fractional turboprops, closely followed by fractional midsize and large-cabin jets, which each were down 80.4 percent, and an 80.1 percent reduction in Part 91 large-cabin jet flying.    



Citation X Market ……



5 Citation X aircraft removed from the Market on May 5, 2020

9 Citation X aircraft purchased from NetJets on May 19 and 20

      (was contractual obligation when NetJets purchased the aircraft)

14 Citation X aircraft recently inventoried by TEXTRON 

        (not on the market as of June 1, 2020)

31 Total number of Citation X aircraft owned by TEXTRON.

        (6 might be leased to 135 operator…….. )