GC AircraftOur blog is changing focus a bit.

You’re going to see less tables of facts and figures, and more analysis and commentary.

We’ll be launching a short series of videos on topics like:

  • What’s involved in Due Diligence for an aircraft purchase?
  • What does ‘fiduciary responsibility’ mean, and how does it apply to brokers?
  • What’s the ideal process for an aircraft acquisition to ensure our buyer gets the best possible plane at the best possible price?
  • What’s the ideal process for aircraft brokerage to ensure an aircraft seller gets the best possible terms?
  • What’s involved in an aircraft delivery – the good, the bad, and the beautiful?

You’ll also see our charts and graphs so you can stay on top of trends, and we’ll be sharing some fun family updates.  (Since our clients are friends and family, too!)

Why the change in content and format?

When we started providing our monthly aircraft market updates, it was a rare and unique source of information.

These days, the web seems awash in data. And it quickly gets out of date and useless.

You may have heard the bad joke – “What’s the difference between salad and garbage?  About an hour.”  The same is ALMOST true for aircraft market data.

And as we know from political polls and weather forecasts, data without insight is often meaningless!

Initial consultations are always free!

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Initial consultations are always free!