1997 Falcon 2000

sn 048



1997 FALCON 2000



Painted 2013

Matterhorn White / Dupont Blue

(Times, Cycles & Landings current as of April 23, 2023)



TTAF:              8563     

Landings:          4043



Plan:                CSP – GOLD

Type:                Honeywell CFE 738-1-1B

S/N:                  P-105210                       P-105225

TSN:                7902 hrs.                       7213 hrs.

CSN:                3641 hrs.                       3630 hrs.

MPI Due:          9946 hrs.                       7534 hrs.

CZI Due:          13057 hrs.                     11334 hrs.        


APU:                            MSP – GOLD

Type:                            Honeywell GTCP 36-150 F2M

S/N:                              P-152

TSN:                            4635 APU hrs.

Falcon 2000 Avionics

FDS:                 Collins Pro Line 4

COM:               Dual Collins VHF 422C with 8.33 spacing

NAV:                Dual Collins VIR 432 NAV with FM immunity

A/P:                  Collins FCC 4002

XPD:                Dual Collins TDR 94D Mode S with Enhanced Surveillance

ADF:                Dual Collins ADF 462

DME:               Dual Collins DME 442

ADC:                Dual Collins ADC 850C

CDU:                Dual Collins Display Units CDU-6100 WAAS/LPV

FMC:               Dual Collins FMS 6000

DBU:                Collins DBU 5010E

GPS:                Dual Collins 4000S

AFIS:               Honeywell SAT AFIS (DMU 400-045500-0005) with cockpit printer

SATCOM:        Collins SAT 906 (6 channel)

HFCOM:          Dual King KHF 950 with SELCAL

SELCAL:          Coltech 2 channel

FFONE:            Aircell Iridium – 4 handsets

RADAR:           Collins TWR 850 with second controller

TCAS:              Collins TCAS 94 TTR 920 TCAS II with change 7.1

RADALT:         Dual Collins ALT 55B

EGPWS:           Honeywell Mark V with Windshear

LRNAV:           Dual Honeywell Laseref IV (installed 2021)

FDR:                Honeywell SSFDR 980-4700-042

CVR:                Honeywell SSCVR 980-6020-011

ELT:                Artex C406-N

Audio Panels:    Dual Baker

Additional Equipment & Features:

Collins Avionics Software (with latest software version installed)

Dual Collins RTU 4020 Radio Tuning Units

Skylight CDI 500 digital course indicator.

Collins Data Acquisition and Maintenance System

Dassault improved fin leading edge antenna for HF System (SB F2000 151Rev 1)

Dassault installation of Mach Hold Option (SB F2000 0099)

Dassault installation of dual wing navigation lights (SB F2000 181)

Lower fuselage anti collision light installation

Precise Flight Pulse Lights

Devore Tail Recognition Lights

Pylon Light

Turbo Cooler Air Bearing Installation (SB F2000 252)

APU Firewall Repair/Replacement (SB F2000 302 Rev 2)

Extension of A & B Inspection Interval (SB 2000 364)

3rd Crew Member Seat Installation

Baker PA / Cabin Chime System

Remote cabin temperature control system

Manual window shades

Airshow 400

WiFi:  GoGo Avance L5. (Installed 2020)

Inspections:                   Due:

12/24 Month                  Feb 2024

36 Month                      Feb 2026

1C 72 Month                 Feb 2026

2C 144 Month                Feb 2032

Ldg Overhaul                Feb 2032


800 Hours                     9323


1B (1600 hr)                  8847

2B (3200 hr)                  8847

Specifications subject to verification by Buyer, Seller does not warrant.

Aircraft is subject to removal from the market without notification