Decision to Sell

What starts this process is the decision to sell your aircraft.

The timing and circumstances of the sale may depend on your company’s cash flow situation or tax strategy. Once we know what the key factors are for you, we work with you to meet those specific objectives.

Listing Your Aircraft

Then what?   First, we diligently watching the market for movement of similar aircraft and pricing. If you have the flexibility, waiting even a few weeks for a marketing change may be very beneficial.

We find that there are three levels at which aircraft are for sale:

1) Those that are listed for sale.

2) Those that are listed for sale and will be noticed.

3) Those that are listed for sale and the seller wants it to be the next one sold.

Once we decide on the timing, pricing and strategy for listing your aircraft, we create a comprehensive plan to market it for maximum effectiveness. Your marketing plan might include

  • Professional photography
  • Research of potential buyers through our exclusive network and/or proprietary databases
  • Print advertising in publications like Executive Controller
  • Online advertising
  • eMail broadcasts

Qualifying Buyers

The intention of all of this marketing is to find a number of qualified buyers – but not all potential buyers are qualified. Prior to, or soon after you receive an offer, it’s important to verify the buyer has the ability to complete the transaction. Our experience helps us separate the real opportunities from the tire-kickers and time-wasters.

This qualifying process takes a minimum of 3 Days, but could take longer.

Respond to Offer Letter (or “Letter of Intent”)

The next step is to respond to the Offer Letter, often times referred to as “Letter of Intent,” or sometimes just as the “LOI.”

As soon as the document is signed, start the clock. The buyer deposits funds in escrow and we begin the inspection process.

The deposit must be in escrow for a minimum of 2 days.

We review the inspection facility options presented by the Buyer. We obtain their proposals and possible input dates. It’s important NOT to get in a hurry at this stage. The seller allows the buyer to review the aircraft logbooks and determines the level of inspection that represents that which is “ordinary and customary” for the age/condition and scheduled inspection status of your aircraft. If this is not in process, it will increase the number of days to complete the transaction.

The inspection process takes a minimum of 5 days:

Offer Letter

There are usually 2 or 3 revisions of the agreement documents to meet the expectations of both parties. In some cases it will take only one, with an acceptance or a response that is not within market reality and therefore summarily rejected.

Assuming all goes well, we now have an Executed Offer Letter.

This process requires a minimum of 2 days from fully executed Offer Letter.

We confirm input date for Pre Purchase Inspection


Novice aircraft sales professionals may jump directoy to the Inspsection sage, but wait – In OUR process, that airplane does not go to the inspection facility until we have an Executed Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

There is a detailed checklist that must be completed to ensure we are representing our client’s interests before we complete the closing.

Has the inspection input date been verified?

Quite honestly, if the Aircraft Purchase Agreement follows the terms of the Offer Letter, these terms may just need to have legal terminology added, but will not require a renegotiation of the terms. It has happened, most likely will happen again that purchase terms are renegotiated during development of this agreement.

Speaking of legal terms, this is where professional Legal services, provided by an Aircraft Transaction Attorney, are best utilized.

It’s very important to have a team representing the seller that understands the legal possibilities.

Inspection Process

Aircraft Purchase Agreement completed, sent to the Escrow Agent.

This process takes 2 Days: Moving the aircraft to the Inspection facility.

Awaiting for the aircraft input into the inspection facility for the Pre Purchase Inspection.

This processs may take 10 to 15 Days:

Pre Purchase Inspection.

3 Days

The aircraft will be accepted or rejected based upon the condition of the aircraft as determined by the inspection facility.

3 to 5 Days

If Accepted, inspection facility resolves discrepancies and aircraft prepared for delivery

Closing and Taking Delivery

The balance of the purchase price is sent to the Escrow Company

2 Days

The aircraft is then positioned for delivery.

Total time

In our experience, it takes 28 to 35 Days minimum to complete an aircraft sale.

To people who are not familiar with aircraft transactions, this may seem excessive. But when you consider the complexity of the tasks that need to be completed, this becomes much more reasonable.

If you’re considering selling your aircraft, give me a call at (425) 822-7876 or send me an email at [email protected] Each sale is different, just as each seller’s objectives and expectations are different.

We look forward to talking with you about your aircraft and your objectives for a successful sale!