how much is my airplane worth


How much is my airplane worth?

Trying to figure out what your airplane is worth can be mysterious for those who aren’t in the business of buying and selling aircraft on a daily basis.  The stock market, the current price of fuel, and many other factors can come into play.
Here’s what goes into a pricing evaluation:
  • We evaluate the aircraft and logbooks.
  • We collect market data for aircraft sold in the last 12 months.
  • We talk with the brokers involved in those sales to find out the details.
  • We factor in type, age, and condition.
  • We find out how quickly you need to sell the plane.

Which Factors Affect How Much Airplane is Worth?

Some of these factors might include:
  • Days  on Market
  • Serial number
  • Specific manufacture date
  • Amount of time a plane model has spent on the market
  • Number and nature of previous owners
  • Inspection dates
  • Type of usage (FAA Part 91 or Part 135 have different operational rules)
  • Where the plane is currently located
  • Where the plane has been flown
  • Where the galley is located and serviced.
  • Where the lavatory is located, and if it can be serviced externally without running hoses down the aisle of the plane.
  • Condition of external paint
  • Type and condition of the entertainment system
  • Avionics features like a “heads up” display or synthetic vision
  • Cabin management system
  • Condition and type of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

You’re the Boss.

It’s your airplane, and ultimately the price you’re willing to sell it for is up to you. But our advice will help you sell it faster.
The Advantage of Experience
Unlike real estate brokers, aircraft brokers are not required to be licensed by any state.
Inexperienced brokers are often unaware of “surprises” that can crop up during an aircraft transaction. We’ve been through the inspection, pricing, negotiation and delivery process many, many times. We’re able to anticipate and prevent many problems.
Give us a call and let’s talk about what your plane is worth, and what your options are, today!