Why do I need an aircraft broker to buy an aircraft?

Why do I need an aircraft broker to buy an aircraft?

Most aircraft buyers are very smart.

And they make complex purchases and business deals all the time.

And many of them assume that purchasing an aircraft is a fairly straightforward transaction, and that their current team (risk management, accounting, aircraft maintenance and their chief pilot) can manage the transaction themselves.

“Why do I need a broker to buy an aircraft?”

That is a very reasonable question!

Here’s a very reasonable answer:

Some things to consider before deciding to buy an aircraft on your own:



  • There are many  volatile tax, title, and insurance rules that are unique to the aviation industry. Your accounting and risk team , no matter how well-versed in other aspects of your business, would have a steep learning curve to make the best decisions without assistance.


  • Even experienced and loyal maintenance personnel and pilots will unabashedly lobby for their favorite make and model of aircraft, whether or not it’s the best business decision in the owner’s interests.


  • The market for buying and selling aircraft is volatile and affected by many factors differently than the rest of the economy. Is there some flexibility in the timing of your purchase?  Are prices likely to go lower? Is a particular aircraft the best opportunity or is more research worth the time?


  • The escrow purchase in an aircraft purchase is unique, and has unique opportunities for things to go wrong.  A detailed checklist that includes the FAA documentation, registration documents, and other factors is required to ensure nothing goes wrong.


  • Many aircraft owners don’t want the publicity that comes with publicizing an aircraft for sale, so many aircraft available for sale are never advertised. The selling broker will confidentially share information with other brokers they trust, but not with the


An experienced aircraft broker adds value by representing the owners’ interests and providing information and support to your entire team.

There is a significant amount of peace of mind that things will go the way you expect when you have an experienced, qualified aircraft broker on your side of the table in an aircraft transaction.

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