When you’re looking into an aircraft purchase and you ask people for advice, keep in mind  that they may have a different perspective than you do!

Even if they’re being completely honest and have no agenda of their own (which is unfortunately not always true!)  they simply don’t know your budget, your typical travel profile, or your tolerance for risk – all they know is their piece of the puzzle.


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  • Other aircraft owners will tell you about what they bought, because it’s what they’re familiar with.
  • Mechanics and service people will tell you what they’re the most comfortable working on.
  • Pilots will tell you what they have studied and have been “checked out” to fly.
  • There are brokers who will make a case to sell you what’s in THEIR best interest to sell you.

Be sure to check the references of brokers and professionals that you seek advice from; and work with people who ask you a lot of questions about your situation and listen very carefully to your answers before they make a recommendation.

A good broker or dealer will spend the time understanding your situation, including:

  • Where do you travel, and how often?
  • How many people, and how much luggage or equipment do you travel with?
  • How important is speed? Do you prefer to travel nonstop or to have breaks in long trips?
  • Will you want a lavatory? A galley to store and prepare food?
  • Would you rather spend more money up front if you can then save on operating costs over time?
    Or vice versa?
  • Do you often fly to places that are high-altitude, have high temperatures, or have specific requirements?  (The Aspen Airport in Colorado is very high altitude and requires certain equipment for specific types of takeoffs because of the geography, as an example. Some other airports that might be closest to your home or work may have short runways, or noise restrictions. )

Have questions? Or want a second opinion on a deal you’re considering before it’s final?

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