Why do I need a broker to SELL my airplane?


Our clients are very smart people who conduct large transactions every day. Many of them have a Chief Pilot, a DOM, a legal department, and other professionals on staff that can help with aspects of this process.


So why do they choose us to help them sell their aircraft, rather than managing the sale themselves?


Our expertise can help in many ways as you consider or prepare to sell your aircraft:


  • We can help you decide if now is a good time to sell, or if we should we wait until after the new year or after the election if that’s a possibility.
  • We can advise you on usage and maintenance factors that could impact your aircraft’s resale price.
  • We can help you establish the best price, based on the aircraft inspection, records, and our own years of experience researching the market for business jets in our area.


  • We have many years of experience advertising aircraft for sale, and we know how the most cost-effective methods to get the best visibility in our area.
  • We can help you make an aircraft purchase that will meet your needs now AND provide a great resale strategy for the future.
  • We say that we “list locally but sell globally.” This means that our focus is to list and represent aircraft regionally but advertise them globally. Unlike many business jet brokers, we spend most of our time in the Northwest U.S. and won’t be in Belgium selling another plane when a call comes in from a potential buyer in Oregon.   We know the local market, we strive to keep the hours on your plane low in the sales process, and we’re able to respond quickly to inquiries.


We enjoy working with smart customers who are savvy about large transactions. We enjoy working with their own teams and flight departments. But in all of these cases, our customers find the value we bring is well worth adding our representation to the sales process.